Credit Score Programs

Nov 02, 2016

One out of five credit reports have some kind of mistake on them. Most of them are minor, but they rarely are in your favor. A low credit score means higher loan rates, higher credit card rates, and higher insurance remiums.
Finex Credit Union is interested in helping you monitor and improve your credit scores. Our credit score help includes individual counseling and advice on how to improve your credit scores which includes access to FREE quarterly credit score updates via homebanking.

When you take advantage of our Credit Score Enhancement Consultations you receive:

  • Your Personal Credit Score
  • Written and verbal advice on how to improve your Credit Score
  • Quarterly Credit Score Updates Via Homebanking

To participate in our credit score enhancement program, simply complete the short online Score
Enhancement Form
.  Get credit score help today!

*The first request is FREE. Thereafter a standard $15 fee applies for premier accounts and $25 for general members. Fees may be waived during promotional periods at our sole discretion.

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